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About Us

Our team is made up of experienced ecommerce professionals who have worked with a wide range of businesses and platforms. We are passionate about helping our clients create successful online stores and achieve their goals.

20+ Years of Experience

The first website we ever built was our own. That was well over 20 years ago when we were product suppliers in the construction industry looking for a way to showcase wholesale products to area buyers and contractors. We soon realized there were many companies looking for similar solutions for their own businesses. We started down a path to provide Digital Services and never looked back. The first 10 years were an aggressive transformation, initially building static brochure style websites and then ecommerce websites partnering with key platforms. Over the past decade we have grown into a comprehensive Digital Solution Agency with resources across the globe.

Our playbook is deep. We have driven digital transformation in organizations that range in size from “scrappy startup” to enterprise level. Our subject matter experts have backgrounds in the corporate leadership landscape and technology staffing consulting which allows us to take a holistic approach to designing, building, and supporting optimal ecommerce Solutions. Thought Leadership, Thorough Analysis and Tactical Strategy are at the forefront of every engagement.

Our Company's Evolution Logo

Building and fixing things is in our DNA. When we designed and launched our first website it was for our own product supply business. We needed a way to showcase building materials to our wholesale buyers and area contractors. It was a wildly successful effort which sparked the idea to completely pivot to a newly emerging industry providing web design services for other businesses to help them grow their brands.

ProProducts Web Design Logo

Recognizing that many other local businesses needed a digital web presence to showcase their products and services, we started offering web design solutions within our community. Over the next several years we built static, brochure style websites for thousands of customers across New England. This included Secure Hosting and early Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

ProProducts Web Design and Development Logo

By 2006, many of our existing and prospective customers had a need for commerce capabilities. So, we developed and introduced our own proprietary “cart” and “checkout” solution to meet the needs of those customers. This expanded our business significantly as were now able to provide a broader set of services with ecommerce websites built with a mobile-first, device friendly mindset.


As the needs of our customers continued to evolve – so did we. In 2009, we kicked off our first partnership with an ecommerce platform solution working with Magento (Adobe). We were now able to provide comprehensive ecommerce solutions to customers of all types and sizes. Over the next several years we would continue to grow our partner program with BigCommerce and Shopify to name a few.

Utopia Commerce Logo

Utopia was launched in 2020 to provide holistic ecommerce Consulting services, residing at the intersection of Business + Emerging Technologies + Commerce + Design + Operations. We recognized that we have something uniquely valuable to offer by way of our collective experience, connections, knowledgebase, and success stories. We are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to accelerate the growth of your brand.