Magento version 2.4.6 resolves a majority of bugs.

Audits & Reporting

With a focus on security and performance, Utopia’s ecommerce site audits can uncover any major or minor flaws in a website’s code and infrastructure. By identifying these weaknesses, you can get ahead of problems or issues before they arise and mitigate the risk of quality loss or site destabilization.

Website audits are important in making technical decisions to improve performance across various areas of an ecommerce site, including site architecture, page speed, coding quality & efficiencies, server connections, hosting environments, and more.

Depending on where the most glaring concerns lie, we may recommend a full site review or a more granular audit that targets specific areas in your ecommerce infrastructure. These specialized audits include:

Code Audits

If you are experiencing site functionality or display issues, you are most likely in need of a code audit. Code audits are mainly for checking code structure and outdated tools for weaknesses, vulnerabilities, poorly written or unnecessary code. We do a thorough and extensive review of any and all back-end and front-end coding, including third party and custom extensions, integrations, and server file logs.

Security Audits

We check your ecommerce site for security risks and recommend optimizations to improve the safety of site functionality and customer data. This includes a thorough review of security patches, platform upgrades, database performance, and up to date servers to ensure your site is secured, and running safely with zero risk of security breaches, data leaks, or viruses.

Analytic Tracking Audits

We ensure your site has the proper tracking codes for your preferred web analytics platform, which for most of our clients is Google Analytics. Without traffic analytic software installed you miss out on tracking and reporting on important metrics including sessions, pageviews, ecommerce transactions, conversion events, and more. We can install the tracking code on your website, if needed, and integrate the data feed with other organizational systems like CRM or ERP. We then do a quality assurance check within your analytics platform to ensure all relevant metrics are accurately reported and you have all the data needed to gain meaningful customer insights.

Performance & SEO Audits

Performance audits are mainly conducted for measuring and optimizing site speed and page load times. As one of the main factors in Google ranking algorithms, website speed can make or break your ecommerce business. Faster website speeds can lead to a steady increase in organic traffic, seamless buying experiences, higher order values, repeat customers, and optimized SEO.

We also use performance audits to identify obstacles within your customer’s journey that are obstructing site navigation, checkout processes, or causing negative brand perceptions. As an ecommerce solutions company with over two decades of experience, we know how important it is for customers to be able to identify these issues and have recommendations on how to resolve them.