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Adobe Commerce Magento Audits

The key to keeping your Adobe Commerce site safe and secure is to stay current with all updates and patches, and to regularly monitor your software for potential threats.

With Utopia’s technical audits, our goal is to take all the technical work and database management out of your day-to-day to so you can focus on running your business. Our certified team of Adobe Commerce experts will conduct comprehensive technical audits of your website, both front and back-end. Our audits also include a review of all modules and extensions, being mindful of versions and dependencies. The report generated for your website audit will highlight specific issues, and from there, we provide a list of suggested improvements, recommend prioritization of tasks, and develop a scope of work for remediation.

Website audits are important in making technical decisions to improve performance across various areas of an eCommerce site. These areas include site architecture, page speed, coding quality & efficiencies, server connections, hosting environments, and more. We typically recommend running a website audit every six months, depending on the age of the software. Without regularly scheduled audits, businesses run the risk of quality loss or site destabilization that can severely impact site health and eCommerce performance.

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What Technical Issues Do We Look For?

Our audits usually focus around two main areas: security and coding structure.

If you are experiencing site functionality or display issues, you are most likely in need of a code audit. Code audits are mainly for checking code structure and outdated tools for weaknesses, vulnerabilities, poorly written or unnecessary code. We do a thorough and extensive review of all back-end and front-end coding, including third party extensions, integrations, and server file logs.

Additionally, we check your eCommerce site for security risks, and recommend optimizations to improve the safety of site functionality and privacy of customer data. This includes a thorough review of security patches, platform upgrades, database performance, and up to date servers to ensure your site is secured, and running safely with zero risk of security breaches, data leaks, or viruses.

The Complete eCommerce Solution

Utopia is leading Adobe Commerce Magento agency – with over two decades of eCommerce experience, we provide custom solutions and white-glove support to our clients so they can take full advantage of the Adobe Commerce Magento platform.

Whether you are a D2C or B2B, our aim is to help your business grow. With a certified team of developers and best-in-class eCommerce solutions, we know we can accomplish great things for your business.