Project Scenario

Utopia’s long term partner since 2011, Alex and Ani, wanted to upgrade their version of Magento/Adobe® Commerce, move data centers, create new integrations, and create a new theme, all while maintaining their site’s performance. No simple task. Utopia was also challenged to find a way to do this while maintaining their site’s ability to handle large volumes of traffic. All this work had to happen with limited downtime and be completed in a strict and aggressive timeline.

The Result

Utopia devised a comprehensive plan to do the work in quick agile phases so that multiple components of the project could be worked on at the same time. First, we focused on upgrading the version of Magento/Adobe® Commerce Enterprise and the move to the new data center. Second, we worked on the integrations. In parallel our team of front end developers built a new theme that would continue to optimize page load times, and off load large amounts of content to Akamai. Utopia delivered the project on time and under budget. The site had limited downtime and the new theme was able to offload over 95% of static content to Akamai along with improved ecommerce conversion rates.

Alex and Ani
Alex and Ani
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