Project Scenario

Verichem Laboratories needed custom programming services to duplicate the functionality provided by their CLIA Data Reduction website. Verichem Laboratories needed to update the website and rebuild the components needed to allow their customers to upload calibration verification data, create Data Reduction Reports and administer their website.

The Result

While working closely with Verichem Laboratories we designed a custom, responsive website while maintaining their current branding. Verichem needed a customer login page that allowed their customers to login, based on credentials setup in an admin area. Using Laravel, the open-source PHP web framework, the admin was built to Verichem Laboratories specifications. They needed a data submission form to allow their customers to select data submission form spreadsheet in either .xls or .xlsx format to upload data. Submitted spreadsheets are subject to exception testing and any incorrect data within the spreadsheet will result in an error causing a report not being produced. Successfully submitted data forms will produce a PDF data reduction report that is sent to the customer.

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