Project Scenario

Alashan Cashmere came to us to create a ecommerce experience for their customers. Alashan had been on the Magento/Adobe Commerce open source platform for years, using the site as an online catalog to display their products for wholesale customers. They wanted to expand to a direct to consumer ecommerce platform and provide a unique and custom experience for their customers. Utopia recommended and Alashan chose to build their new Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 site on the Magento/Adobe Commerce Cloud.

The Result

Working closely with the client, our team came up with a unique theme to display a complex configurable product catalog in a unique sub-branded category approach. Alashan has four major brands within its catalog and each became its own category. Multi-configurable products used Magento/Adobe Commerce swatches to display colors. As the site went live, the client began strategizing about integrating their new Magento/Adobe Commerce 2 site with their Sage backend database as a follow on project.

Alashan Cashmere
Alashan Cashmere
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